Thursday, November 8, 2012

Portlandia and Lompoc Brewing's Sidebar

I just read on Oregon Live that Season 3 of Portlandia debuts January 4th, which brought to memory a sighting of the Portlandia crew filming at Lompoc Brewing’s Sidebar. About a month or so ago the wife and I were headed to the Sidebar to have a late afternoon beer. As we approached the entrance we were greeted by mini-scaffolding draped with black fabric. At first, I thought someone was giving the Sidebar’s outside a secret face lift, but there was a young gentleman close by that said we couldn't go in because Portlandia was filming. Given the news, we headed next door to the Sidebar’s adjacent, bigger brother, The 5th Quadrant to have a beer. As we sipped away we saw the famed Carrie Brownstein walk through the back alley. We were both wondering what the Portlandia creators were up to featuring one of our standard North Portland beer stops. One thing is for certain, it will poke fun at the way we Portlanders carry on.

 Here's a clip from the all new season of
Portlandia coming to IFC this January:


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